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Google Analytics Virginia Beach


Imagine Media is privately held division of the Internet Marketing Firm; That! Google Company which specializes in Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing. With years of experience in Google Analytics Virginia Beach Traditional Marketing, web development, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social marketing and search engine marketing, we have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Our Services can be delivered to you in many ways for Google Analytics Virginia Beach.


Phone consulting

You determine the hours needed and you decide when to use Google Analytics Virginia Beach Internet marketing expertise and advice.Have us spend time with your company, meet with you or your team, evaluate your projects, and provide expert advice to make your current or next Internet marketing project a success.


Remote web consulting Google Marketing

By using desktop sharing technology, Google Analytics Virginia Beach can provide one-on-one advice by showing you our recommendations using your desktop browser. Alternatively, we can present information to dozens of your employees at the same time, the same remote interface.


One time or retainer based consulting

If you need something simple or if you know you’ll need our expertise for an extended period of time, you can hire us by the hour, by the project, or on a monthly retainer basis.

Specific Services


Comprehensive Website Reviews

The first step in beginning any successfulGoogle Analytics Virginia Beach and SEO Campaign is a complete and comprehensive review of where your website currently stands. We completely review and identify all potential roadblocks that would prevent your website from achieving exceptional rankings. The size, complexity, and scope of the project will affect the overall pricing of your website’s comprehensive review.
The following are representative of the components of a complete website review. Our Google Analytics Virginia Beach reports can also be purchased independently.


Initial Website SEO analysis report


This seo services report looks deep into the construction and structure of your website, identifies the issues that spiders may have crawling and indexing the current site, along with providing recommendations on corrective actions to be taken.Google Marketing


Keyword Identification and Research Reports.


We feel in our Google Analytics Virginia Beach that this is one of the most important elements of our SEO Services. There is often confusion in what truly constitutes proper keywords. Our research will often uncover hundreds (if not thousands) of keywords that are applicable to your project. Our Keyword research is the most comprehensive in the industry. We identify KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index), KPI (Keyword Performance Index), CKPI (Competitively loaded Keyword Performance Index. This SEO Services information is combined with actual search volumes and then combined with position expectations and potential website visitor counts.Our Google Analytics Virginia Beach provides a complete cross section view of all online competition for each keyword and then sort the results into 4 priority groups. This gives you a clear priority of keywords based on how quickly you can expect to achieve rankings for each and the traffic you can reasonably expect for the effort needed to achieve the rankings.



Online Marketing

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