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When creating a quality website, having a dependable and skilled web developer Virginia Beach is a must. Every business and or company that wants to have any level of success, needs to have a website that serves the desired purpose. That purpose is to be functional, easy to use, accessible, an clearly convey your information and products. In order to accomplish this feat, you must have someone who is on that same page as you are. Well, here at Imagine Media, we are on that exact same page with you. We understand your vision. That is why we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with a tangible vision in the form of an amazing website.


Web Developer Virginia Beach


Skills of  a Good Web Developer

Knowing the ins and outs of building a web site is very important. Skills such as languages, libraries and learning frameworks are things that you need. But even more than that there are a multitude of other skills that a good web developer possess. These skills go beyond the technical aspects of web building. Having the technical skills are things that you can put on your resume, but that doesn’t truly evaluate the talent of the web developer or someone who does web page design. The following are the true skills that a talented web developer must possess.


–  Stress Management / Time Management

Trying to build someones web page, app or product can have its stressful moments. Sometimes the client might have ideas that might not be the best, or they might be the type of person who is not open for suggestions of any kind.  When this is the case, the web developer must know how to deal with the situation in the best way possible. Whether that is calmly explaining to your client the reasons why their ideas are terrible without sounding condescending, or being patient when the client becomes disgruntled for whatever reason, you must be able to remain calm and get the job done. A web developer that is relaxed will be much more productive and successful than a web developer that is not.

Another key skill that must must be possessed by great web developers, is the ability to successfully manage your time. Being able to prioritize your tasks  and creating doable goals and deadlines, will increase your productivity tenfold. It will also allow for you to communicate to your clients in an easier and more organized way.


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– Being Empathetic

Being empathetic when communicating with clients and managers can make life a lot easier for the web developer. The ability to be empathetic means to be able to truly understand how your client feels. This is important because if you have a short temper and blow up, your client will probably be alienated and also most likely won’t want to work with you again. Also you don’t want the label of being the web developer with a short temper.

Another skill that should be adopted by all web developers is to be able to get to know the people around you that you are working with. This is important because, when you take just a little time to know your clients and coworkers, it will allow you to connect with these people and build real relationships.  Knowing a person outside of the realms of work is almost always beneficial.

Understanding and being empathetic to the people you work for and work with,will significantly improve your workflow as well as your work environment.


– Knowing Web Concepts

Understanding the underlying languages of various code frameworks, will help you navigate through the ever changing world of code. It is important to learn the core languages such as PHP, JavaScript and Ruby. If you have a strong foundation in these core languages and concepts, you will be able to not be phased when the “next big thing” happens because you will already have been grounded in the fundamentals.


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– Perspective


It is important when striving to become a good web developer, to remember what your job is. Your job as a web developer Virginia Beach is to bring out the best in people’s company’s and businesses in the forms of excellent website building. You are not there to stroke your own ego and show how good you are and how much you know. Your sole purpose is to be of service to your client and to do whats best for them and their vision when creating a website or app. Having perspective on your job as a web developer Virginia Beach and what that means and requires, will help you work with much more ease and understanding.



– Sense of Design

Being an all – around good web developer Virginia Beach means  knowing a little more than the ins and outs of web developing and how to design a website. One thing that is an excellent tool for web developers to use is being able to have some type of knowledge in design. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a web design expert, but being able to understand basic design concepts will definitely aid you in becoming a better web developer. Examples of some basic design concepts would be color theory, grid design and understanding typography. Having some type of understanding in web design will not only help you become a better web developer, it will also  help you understand the web designers better. It is easy for web designers and web developers to become angry with each other simply because one doesn’t understand what the other is doing.  But if the web designer knows web development basics and the web developer Virginia Beach knows web designer basics then that will clear up and prevent many potential issues from arising.

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What you can expect with every Imagine Media website design project:

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Being a Virginia Beach based small business, we know that timelines and budgets are important and not an optional guideline to follow, we respect your time and your budget. We don’t re-invent the wheel for every project, and always leverage open source technology and solutions whenever appropriate to keep your costs low. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. Let us be your website design company.

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