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Web Page Design Virginia Beach plays a very large part in the overall look and effectiveness of your website. There are a variety of things that you want for your website to provide. One of those things is that it has to be appealing to the people that could potentially view your website as well as being information and content rich. The only true way to ensure that this is the case is by having a good web page design. And here at Imagine Media, that is one of our specialties. We strive to provide our customers with web page designs that you will be glad about. Trust us Imagine Media, to be your web page design Virginia Beach company.


Qualities of Good Web Page Design

When you ask yourself the question “how to start a website” the design of it is very important. Web Page Design Virginia Beach, The reason for this is because it affects the speed in which your sites visitors will be able to find what they’re looking for.  If the visitor finds that site hard to navigate, then they will most likely move on to another site. There are  a variety of qualities that make up a well designed website. The following is a brief list of those qualities as well as a brief description of each quality.


Web Page Design Virginia Beach

– Visually Appealing

The first impression that your users have when you are making a website is very important.  Web Page Design Virginia Beach, If your website is ugly and not appealing, no matter how much valuable information you have on it, nobody is going to care. They’re going to see the unattractive site and immediately move on to another more appealing site. That is why the aesthetics of your site is crucial when it comes to having a successful website. Web Page Design Virginia Beach, The way that your site should be organized is to have the most important items be the first thing that people see. The second most important things should be the next visual that the visitor will see, and so on and so forth.

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– Organization

Organization is another key component of having a successful and skillfully designed web site.  Your site should be organized in such a way that it has two main things: logic and consistency on each and every page. A website  designer that lacks logic and consistency means that they’re website is disorganized and hard to navigate. Web Page Design Virginia Beach, Every thing on the page to has to have some sort of purpose. If there is something on your site that doesn’t have a purpose, then that means that it should not be on your site. You only have a brief amount of time to leave an impression on the visitors to your site.

– Uniqueness

Not only does your site have to be visually appealing, but it also has to have its own unique spark. Web Page Design Virginia Beach, There has to be something about your site that stands out in people’s minds. Some things that can provide that uniqueness are pictures, slideshows, or videos. Your uniqueness can also be found in the way that your page is designed.


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How to Ensure Successful Web Page Design

Some websites are not successful. When you decide to learn web design here are a few major things that can make your site successful.

1. Too Long : there are many websites that are entirely too long. There is too much unnecessary information. When putting content on your website make sure that there is a purpose for it.

2. Too Much Detail:  too much information makes it difficult for the customer to process. This causes them to forget the reason why they decided to come to your site.

3. No Flow: when the content of your site is not organized, it makes it difficult for the customer to truly understand the purpose of your site

4. Not Beneficial to the User: a potential customer needs to be able to quickly decipher what is beneficial to there needs. If they can’t decipher that out quickly then your website is not useful to the users.

5. No Focal Point. If there is not clear point to your site, then it will probably not be that effective. There has to be a major theme or focal point of your site. All other information must stem from that point.


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Designing a website that is well built is made up of a few factors. People expect a website to be easy to browse and to be able to give the information that they desire. Here are a few rules that make a site easy to use.

1. Link actions to colors

Our brains work in a very interesting way. We are have an amazing ability to spot and recognize patterns. This can be helpful when designing a website. By linking colors to actions, it helps the viewer who views your site, understand the system , and it also allows them to access it in an easier way.  The way that you can do this is by assigning a certain color to principle items, another color for secondary items and so on. It will amaze you how fast users will pick up on this system.

2. How does it benefit the customer?

This concept basically mean that everything on your website has a purpose. If you can not answers the question “how does this benefit the customer” then it has no place on your website. This makes sure that every single piece of information has a purpose which in turn, makes your site clear and organized. Only show relevant information.

3. Readability

Readability evaluates how easy the content on your website can be absorbed. A good way to do that is by writing from the perspective of the person reading it. The user. When you write from your perspective or a perspective unfamiliar to the user, it confuses them and makes it difficult for them to understand. It is also important to make sure that you are using a font that is easy to read.



Website Design

What you can expect with every Imagine Media website design project:

  • Great, fast loading, Modern Designed Website
  • Private, in progress viewing during design and development
  • Content management system to easily edit your site’s layout and content (words, pictures and video)

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Being a Virginia Beach based small business, we know that timelines and budgets are important and not an optional guideline to follow, we respect your time and your budget. We don’t re-invent the wheel for every project, and always leverage open source technology and solutions whenever appropriate to keep your costs low. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. Let us be your website design company.

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