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In this day and age, having a website builder Virginia Beach is an absolute must for any business large or small. You would think that everybody, especially business owners, would know and understand this concept. Unfortunately this is not the case. There are so many business that are without one of marketing most powerful tool, a website. Well, here at Imagine Media, we specialize in web design, web development and web building. We pride ourselves in or ability to help  businesses as well as individuals, follow their paths while realizing their purpose, dreams and goals.  Website Builder Virginia Beach,  We do this by developing your website in an efficient and cost effective way.


Why is Having a Website Important?


It is virtually impossible for a a business to function at its highest potential without a website. Almost every single successful business has a website. One of the main reasons that websites are so important, is because they most likely are the way that people will find you. Most people these days, use  the internet to research businesses and products before they decide to make a purchase. When business don’t have websites,  Website Builder Virginia Beach , the amount of potential clients and customers that they will never have is astounding.


 Website Builder Virginia Beach

Another reason why website’s are so important, is because they allow you to become a credible business. Everyone generally assumes, that  if you have a business then you have a website. Businesses and websites go hand in hand. Some very small business still do not have a website. And that is the exact reason why they will probably always stay a small business.  Website Builder Virginia Beach, When you tell people about your company, and they find out that you don’t have a website, they will not take you or your company seriously.  Once you have gained the reputation as a non – serious company, its difficult to shake.

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A good website can have a multitude of benefits to any business. Many wonder how to build a website and what are the benefits of having a website. Well, websites can give credibility to a company that might not live up to those expectations. They can also give the impression that a company is much bigger than it actually is. When it comes to the internet, the actual size of your company doesn’t really matter. A small tiny business with a lot of traffic could rank ahead of big – time competitor. Websites are important for business big and small, but they tend to benefit smaller businesses much more than the larger ones.

There are many businesses that still do not have websites.  Website Builder Virginia Beach ,  One widely heard reason for this is the belief that they are expensive or difficult to create. Many small businesses truly believe that a free website builder, a stable in modern marketing, is not in their budget. In actuality, making a website can be built on a fairly small amount of money. The main thing to remember is, that you don’t need some gigantic, elaborate webpage. All you need is an site that tells the public about your company and the your products and services. Anything more than that is excess.

The Importance of Having  A Web Presence

– The Website :

If any business or company wants to be successful in this day and age, there is one thing that they absolutely need, and that is to design a website. The main reason for this is because a website serves as a type of storefront online. Therefore, it serves as a platform whose goal is to convey the company’s message and brand. When a business has no site builder, that means that they have no web presence. And when a business has no web presence, that means that they are losing out on millions and millions of potential customers.

– Search Engine Prevalence :

Another portion of web presence to take into account is search engine results pages or (SERP). Google ranking is a great way to find out how much web presence you actually have. The reason for this is because, the search algorithm that google has looks at several factors in order to accurately calculate your business’s web presence. Such factors include popularity and relevant content. A good way to have high google ranking is by having a strong hold on keywords by creating an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign.


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– Social Media Presence

Web presence can also be evaluated in the form of social media. Business’s can take advantage of the variety of social media sites out there. Examples of those websites are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These platforms are free of charge, which makes it even easier to broaden your audience.


 – Online Advertising Presence

Online advertising is a great way in increasing your business’s web presence. It is almost on the same level of importance as website creation. Some examples of online advertising are in online radio, search engine marketing, advertising on YouTube and many others. When participating in online advertising, its important to encourage a particular audience to receive a particular message. By doing this, you are boosting the online presence of your business.


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What you can expect with every Imagine Media website design project:

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  •     Private, in progress viewing during design and development
  •     Content management system to easily edit your site’s layout and content (words, pictures and video)

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Being a Virginia Beach based small business, we know that timelines and budgets are important and not an optional guideline to follow, we respect your time and your budget. We don’t re-invent the wheel for every project, and always leverage open source technology and solutions whenever appropriate to keep your costs low. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. Let us be your website design company.

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