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Dedicated Servers Virginia Beach


At Imagine Media we have server providers worldwide. What are dedicated servers, what is a web host and why would you need them? Dedicated servers Virginia Beach are used in the need for high processing of information. Much like a computer in your home, a dedicated server can be modified virtually to any degree, software, and customized to hardware specifications you desire. Most servers, virtualized and dedicated run on a Linux based kernel to keep operating software costs low. Alternatively for a .NET Framework site, you’ll get a Windows server to run Microsoft IIS for your ASP/ASP.NET application. Most applications are PHP based, like Facebook’s beginning’s, PHP based applications are great for basic templating, content creation, and programming.


Dedicated Servers Virginia Beach


Flexibility and Control

There are a multitude of benefits to a dedicated server. One of those many benefits is that it provides flexibility and control.  Dedicated Servers Virginia Beach, The main reason for this is because, when a server is being shared with other businesses, this limits your business to  many features. The host is just not able to provide your company with certain features. But, when you have a server solely for your business, you have access to many of the features that would have previously been denied to. This also gives your company much more control and flexibility.

Dedicated server hosting are a wonderful option for businesses and companies alike. It means that if your company is using large amounts of bandwidth, you can still have relatively fast loading speeds, as opposed to sharing that server with other businesses. The value of dedicated servers Virginia Beach  are quite large when considering the many benefits that can have on a business.



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When first starting a website, thoughts of resources and such might not be of concern. But as your site grows larger, those are some things that you must think about. If you choose to got the route of a dedicated server, it will be much easier to find resources and space for your ever growing website. The reason why it will be so much easier is because you won’t have to fight for space with other companies. You will have one server to your self, which will give you all the space that you might need.


Most business owners put all their faith in the fact their server will provide them with the services they need without them having to get involved.  Dedicated Servers Virginia Beach, This is usually because, most business owners are not really familiar with the technical aspects of servers. Therefore, if this is the case, it will be the best option for those businesses to get a dedicated hosting opposed to other options such as cheap vps. A dedicated server will provide business with a reliable server. This will decrease the chance of technical problems. The reason why the chance of technical problems would be reduced is because you won’t have to compete with other business for space and resources because the server will be solely yours. Also, if you decide to choose dedicated servers, then you won’t have to manage them yourself .

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If you decide to choose dedicated servers, they will provide reliability mostly because your business will be the only one using its resources. This reason is also why dedicated servers Virginia Beach provide better performance when compared to its competitors. Your business might be using a lot of bandwidth. Using high amounts of bandwidth while having to share it with other businesses can cause your work traffic to slow considerably. But with dedicated servers, the space is much less crowded, which gives way to faster and more reliably service.


One of the greatest benefits of dedicated server hosting when compared with other options such as shared hosting, is that dedicated servers Virginia Beach provide much more security. When you decide to choose dedicated server hosting you will be the only one using it. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about sharing resources because all of the resources belong to you instead f being shared by other companies. Another benefit of dedicated servers when it comes to security is that it provides regular updates to the security patches which increases the protection of your server.


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Your websites are hosted in an insulated environment with dedicated resources, allowing you to offer your customers a truly reliable, redundant and secure hosting environment that is completely scalable as needed. Our hosting plans are scalable and if you are a business that needs multiple sites hosted in the same location (for different products or services) we can fully accomodate that with no extra hosting charges to you.

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