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Creating an app for your company or business can allow you to tap into various revenue streams. Consumers spend most of their time on tablets and smartphones. There are over 120 million mobile device users in America, that use a retail or shopping app. If you decide that you take your company to the next level, create an app. App Creator Virginia Beach, The first step in creating an app is finding an app developer or app creator. Here at Imagine Media we specialize in providing or customers with customized apps for their business’s or personal use. So, let Imagine media be your app creator today!

App Creator Virginia Beach

Mobile devices have changed the way that businesses operate. App Creator Virginia Beach, A lot of business now cater to mobile devices. 25% of all web traffic is formed by mobile devices. This makes it all the more important, for businesses to to venture into mobile apps. The market for mobile apps have reached close to $30 billion dollars in revenue. This means that there are multiple avenues of untapped resources that company’s can look into.App Creator Virginia Beach,  But, before a company makes the decision to go into the app market, There are some questions that your should think about.

Does your company need an app?

Before you decide to create an app for of your business, you need to ask a very important question. App Creator Virginia Beach, That question is, what will an app do for your company? This is an important question to answer because is an app can’t do anything positive for your company, then there is no need to take the time to create one. An example for a business that wouldn’t necessarily need an app would be a consulting firm. This is mostly because, the general public couldn’t have access to their information, therefore it wouldn’t really benefit the user to have an app of a consultant firm.

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What will an app do for your company?

Once your business has decided that an app would be an appropriate next step, the next thing to think about is what purpose would the application serve.  A good way to decide this is by creating a mobile strategy. App Creator Virginia Beach, What a mobile strategy does, is that it allows for you to decide what the true purpose of your app is, as well as what would be best for your company, a mobile app or a mobile website, or both. Another thing that is important to consider is what kind of audience you are trying to reach. If  the service of your company is to offer goods, then an app might be what is best. But if you are trying to target everyone, then you can look into a mobile website.

If you decide that you want the mobile app to be the main feature and function of your business, then you will probably have a way to create revenue streams from the app. A good way to introduce a paid app is by also having a free version of the app available. The free app will be functional but the premium app will have  more features that benefit the user. App Creator Virginia Beach ,Also, including a location-based service could be an extra feature that you could add to the premium version of the app.


Which platform will your company use?

One of the down sides of creating mobile application development is that there are so many competing mobile app platforms out there. There is Android, that powers hundreds of different devices with various components, screen resolutions and devices. Then, there is iOS. This operating system powers the iPad and iPhone. Other platforms are Windows Phone 8, Bada and Blackberry. When you look at it from this perspective, it would seem quite difficult to decide which platform to develop your app for. An option that some businesses choose is to pick one of these three paths: iOs, HTML 5 or Android.

Android and iOS are normally the most popular choice for businesses. This is because research shows that iOS users and Android users are more prone to purchasing apps when compared to other platforms. Researchers also show that Android users are less likely to purchase apps when compared to iOS users. This might be because Android users are used to getting apps for free and iOS users are used to purchasing premium app design.

The last platform that businesses often choose areHtML 5. One upside to this app is that this path it supports most of the other platforms as well. This path is a great choice if h you are interested in gathering as many users as possible.

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How to build your app?

 When some businesses start creating an app, they usually rely on their IT department. This is normally the wrong move. A good way to create your first app is to outsource the app to an app developer. The reason for this is because, having a good developer can help ensure that the app will be made without any major glitches. Also, a more experienced developer, will code in a more secure way than an inexperienced developer. If your budget does not allow for a highly paid application developer, then hiring a freelancer can be an option. Hiring a freelancer is much more cost effective. But make sure if you decide to go with this option, check there portfolio of their past work.

Do not rush this decision. Hiring the right developer can be crucial ensuring that you have a good app. Hiring the wrong app development company, can not only cause your company to loose money but can also leave you with an app that is not effective.

Does your app run successfully?

Once you have received the app, make sure you test all functions of the app are working correctly. An option that you could choose is to hire  beta testers. What beta testers do is that they identify mistakes, bugs or flaws that might be hidden within the application. This will help ensure that your app is running correctly. Some testings that they can check on the app are performance testing, functional testing, usability testing, interrupt testing and installation testing. Functional testing checks to make sure that the features that are available are practical. If not then they might need to be further simplified. Performance testing refers to checking the app speed and if their are any interruptions when trying to use it.




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