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Mobile App Development Virginia Beach


Mobile app development can be a wonderful decision for your company and or business. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach,  This is because studies have shown that the average American spend over 400 minutes on their mobile devices. Some studies also show that 12% of the average Americans time is spent shopping on mobile devices. What this means, is that mobile trends are now having a powerful influence on business’s, marketing executives and advertisers. Mobile app development have now become an integral part of the success of many company’s and business’s. Here at Imagine media, we have a true understanding of the importance of the role that mobile apps play in today’s day and age. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, That is why, we make sure that we provide our customers with excellent apps that are sure to help reach the goals of their company’s.

Mobile App Development Virginia Beach

An important part of developing an app is deciding which platforms your are aiming your mobile app design towards. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, Many business’s once they ask, how to develop an app, decide to  develop their app across multiple platforms. This is called cross platform mobile development. This isa technique that employs writing one code that will be used across many different operating systems. This can be quite different to accomplish however. The main reason for this is because, various operating systems are completely different structurally from each other. Some platforms encourage code to be contradicting. This makes it quite difficult for programmers to just write a single code that cuts across multiple platforms.

There has been a major demand for cross platform app development. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, One of the main keys for programmers is compatibility. Here are some tools that will allow developers to create compatible apps.



Xmarin is a C# platform. Code is generally written for Android iOs. Xmarin executes the code on a .NET framework. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, The resulting native dialect is for Android or iOS. This tool can be very versatile for those who are working on different parts of the project on large groups.



MoSync is a tool used for creating cross-platform apps. MoSync supports Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Python and PHP. One of the main features of this tool is that  it allows the apps to be sent to Linux Mobile, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iOS and Android platforms in a fairly simple manner.


Appecelerator allows cross platform compatibility between various platforms by using web technology. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, They support technologies such as CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP and HTML 5. The appcelerator is also very efficient. It gives users access to close to 300 API’s. Another good feature of appcelerator is that it is pretty simple for users to learn.


Whoop has made the argument that their platform can be used by those who are beginning developers or even non-developers. If the developer is somewhat of a beginner but still wants the same results as the more complicated tools, then whoop might be for them. The interface that whoop uses is WYSYWIG. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, This interface allows developers to change code and drop elements from the task bar. Whoop is compatible with Symbian Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and many other mobile interfaces. The other plus to Whoop is that it is free.



Mobile App Development


RhoMobile is a framework that is based on Ruby. This framework is used for apps that are apple to work on many different platforms. RhoMobile allows app developer to be created for Symbian, Window Mobile, iOS RIM and Android. One feature of RhoMobile lets developers code centrally. It also has specific add-on features that are available to all users. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, Some of those features are RhoHub and RhoSync. RhoHub is a cloud hosting environment and RhoSync is a standalone server.


Widgetpad is a web-based platform. One of its features is to be used as cross platform mobile application development.   It is now only in its beta-stage. But in its true release, it will have features needed to develop important elements for apps. One downside to Widgetpad is that it has no access to advanced hardware features. An example of this is the inferior Android GPS chips. but if there are developers that are looking for a lightweight answer to your developing problem, then Widgetpad is an option.


This platform is often considered one of the best out there. Mobile App Development Virginia Beach, PhoneGap is capable of having apps for Symbian, Palm, iPhone, Android and iPad. This tool is built on system technologies such as JavaScript, CSS 3 and HTML. Phone Gap is very effective by allowing the developer to have access to hardware components such as the GPS tracker.




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