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Studies show that the average American spends up to 400 minutes shopping on their mobile devices. This study shows that shopping on mobile devices takes up around 12% of their time. Mobile Apps Virginia Beach, This means that mobile trends are causing marketing executives and advertisers to cater to this trend. Mobile advertising has been close to replacing newspaper advertising revenue according to  reports. What all this means, is that mobile apps are now an integral part of the overall success of any business or company. Here at Imagine Media, we understand the important role that mobile apps play in today’s day and age. That  is why we believe in creating the best app that fit your company’s needs.

Mobile Apps Virginia Beach

Their are a variety of reasons why having a good mobile app for your business or company is an important next step. Here are a few of those reasons.

– Creating an app for your business can be one of the most important things that you can do to help ensure the success of your business. Once you identify what service your app will provide for your customers, it could virtually transform your business overnight. An app can generate a slew of potential customers that you probably would not have reached otherwise. One way that it would do this is by cross platform marketing. Mobile Apps Virginia Beach, Apps have the ability to be used on various operating systems, laptops, phones and tablets. Mobile Apps Virginia Beach, There are about 30,00 apps being launched monthly in the Apple Store as well as for the Android apps store. Having a great app for your business can not only expand the scope of your customers, but it can also allow you to secure your presence across different platforms.



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– Because of technological innovations, creating an app can improve the overall experience of the customer. This can be done because of the tracking capabilities of most mobile store devices, By using GPS or mobile tracking, an app can track where the customer is spending most of their shopping time. Mobile Apps Virginia Beach, This allows businesses to customize the services they provide for the customer. An example of this would be a new tracking technology developed by Apple, called iBeacons. What  iBeacons does is that it tracks customers when they are going through airports. They then send them various offers as they are walking while trying to customize it to their specific needs.

Although this form of providing customized services for the customers has very good benefits, it does has its down side. Push notifications that help notify business of their customers interests, it has been accused of “spying” . Mobile Apps Virginia Beach, It is important to identify the fine line between providing the best possible services for your customers, and potentially invading their privacy.
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Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

Deciding on whether to build an app or mobile website, really depends on the aims and goals of your company. For example, if your product is  aimed towards interactive gaming, then an app would be a great option. Mobile Apps Virginia Beach, But if the content that you want to offer is less interactive, then a mobile site might be the best option for you.

For some, both a mobile site and a mobile app might serve as the best option. If one of your goals is to build a mobile web presence for your business, a great way to start that would be a mobile website. Because it is pretty much impossible to create mobile webs presence without a mobile website.

Pro Mobile Apps

Using a mobile application can have major benefits to your business. Here are the scenarios when a mobile app will be the best choice for the advancement of your company.

– If the consumers are going to be using your site on a regular basis an in a personalized way, or social networking then an app would probably serve your customers in the best way.

– An app would be the best choice if your service of choice is interactive gaming.

– When your service is reporting or calculations, then you will need an app, because that will allow for you to have easy access to the data in an effective way.

– If you are providing content that doesn’t need internet connection, offline content, then an app would be a great choice.

– If the camera function  is needed, then an app would be the best choice for you. required functionality. 


Pro Mobile Websites

– Mobile websites allow users to access the provided content immediately across a variety of devices.

– They can be updated instantly. Mobile sites also offer flexibility.

– Mobile sites can be found easily.

– Mobile sites are very cost effective.

– Apps can often become short lived, a mobile site is always accessible.



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