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Custom Logo Design Virginia Beach


A custom logo design is created to represent your company or brand. When someone sees your logo, it is supposed to reflect not only what your brand is, but also what it stands for. This is much easier said than done. A good logo designer would be able to accomplish this feat while also making it easy for consumers to interpret. Here at Imagine Media, we understand how important a custom logo design is to a business or company. That is why  we will take the time to create a custom logo design Virginia Beach that will accurately represent your brand as well as your brands values.


Custom Logo Design Virginia Beach


What is a logo? Well, before you go about figuring out what a logo or getting a logo created for your brand, it is important that you understand the purpose of a logo. Custom Logo Design Virginia Beach, The main purpose of a graphic design logo is for it to be easily recognizable, and instill within people trust and loyalty in your brand. A logo is meant to be an identifier. Something that the consumer can see and immediately match with the actual service or product.

Now that we have defined the purpose of a logo, it is time to figure out what a logo actually is. A logo is a significant part of a company. A logo is a symbol that is used to represent a a brand. This symbol can be used in various different mediums in order to help the consumer identify the symbol, or logo, with the actual brand.



Custom logo design

What makes a good logo? Two main things create a logo and thats execution and a concept. Custom Logo Design Virginia Beach, A good logo is something that is simple and practical but also, unique and distinctive. A good design logo is able to convey the message of the brand.  It should also be able be printed on different mediums, big or small, in color or in black and month.

How to create a good logo? A good logo is created through a few process. They are described and explained below.

1. Research. Study the brand. Learn what designs work with consumers and what don’t.

2. Strong Concept. There is no point in creating a logo if you don’t have any type of concept. After your research, sketch out an idea and then build on that.

3. Revise. After you have figured out your concept and sketched out your idea, constantly revise it. There is a saying that goes the first idea is the best idea. This can be true. But it is also very that you continuously refine that idea.

4. Present. Once you have a business logo design that you are happy about, it is now time to present your logo. Prepare a presentation for your client. Be sure that it is presented in a way that shows your logo in the most effective way.


5 Components that Create a Great Custom Logo Design

1. Versatility

A custom logo that accurately express the values of your brand must be versatile.Custom Logo Design Virginia Beach,  Versatility when discussing a company logo means that no matter how it is manipulated, it still expresses and represents the same thing. Whether it is big or small, black and white or in color, printed on a business card a plastered on billboards, a good custom logo design should remain the same.


2. Timeless

A great custom logo design is not only versatile but also timeless. It should mean and represent the same things today that it will mean 30 years from now. It must stand the test of time.


Custom logo design

3. Simplicity

The component of simplicity is probably one of the most important. A simple custom design allows the logo to be memorable, easily recognizable and versatile. Without simplicity, the logo could not be memorable, versatile or easily recognizable.


4. Reach Intended Audience

Another major component of creating a good custom logo design is that it is created with the desired audience in mind. If you are trying to reach young children or parents of young children with your brand, your logo wouldn’t have sharp edges and stark colors. It would be something that is easily digestible for children and parents.

5. Memorable

The closing component of a good custom logo design is that it is something that stays in the consumers mind. Custom Logo Design Virginia Beach, An effective logo design is versatile, timeless, simple, created for its intended audience and memorable.



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