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A big part of the overall success of a business has to do with how well they can communicate their message. A brand that cannot adequately communicate their message with consumers, will not be successful. There are various ways to go about expressing your message to people. You could do it verbally, or you could go the visual route. When it comes to visuals, anything that is done in this medium is considered graphic art. Graphic art Virginia Beach is all around us. That is the reason why it plays such an important role when communicating your brand. Here at Imagine Media, we understand how critical good graphic art Virginia Beach can be for a business. That is why we will make sure that we provide your business with the necessary graphics, so that your brand message can be communicated in the most effective way possible.

Graphic Art Virginia Beach

What is graphic design? Well, the creative process of graphic design involves both technology and art. Both of these things combined are used to communicate the ideas of your brand. There are many different ways to communicate your message through graphic art. Graphic art Virginia Beach is mostly expressed through two mediums typography and images.

Graphic Art

Typography and Images

Graphic artists have often been known to combine typography and images.Graphic Art Virginia Beach,  Typography is the presentation of art through words, and images present art through illustration and photography. It is normally the graphic artists responsibility to decide the right balance between illustration and typography. A good graphic artist is able to understand the clients company well enough to be able to reflect that message with the design. Graphic Art Virginia Beach,  An example of a graphic design job description would be someone who has an understanding of the audience that the client is trying to target. In order to properly gain a true understanding of your audience, you can work with market specialists. Market specialist are very good at analyzing an audience in order to see what designs and marketing techniques will work best with them.



Images can be a very communicative tool. Graphic Art Virginia Beach, They can express information as well as emotions. Studies show that many people respond better to images than to script. Images are often easier to digest. But it can also be a little tricky for images to truly express the given message. This is because everything about the picture must be expressed through the image. Image design can be painted, photographic or expressed through computer graphics. This gives the designer many tools in which they can communicate their clients message through the design.


Graphic Art Typography

Although illustrations have proven to be a very popular decision amongst graphic designers, another popular choice is typography. Typography has its own way of conveying a message. But graphic artists use words differently than most writers do. Designers care about what the words look like just as much as they care about what the words actually mean. A true design expert has mastered the ability to convey messages through the look and actual meaning of letters and words.

When one looks at a graphic art design or a logo for a  well known brand, the design has a unique way of expressing exactly what the company is about and subconsciously engrains that brand into our minds. An example of this would be the pepsi logo. Immediately when you see the pepsi logo you know that it is pepsi. That should be the goal of any graphic designer. To create a design that will be plastered onto peoples minds for years to come.



A logo is a very important part of how a brands message is communicated. A good logo, much like a good design can have a very powerful effect on those who view it. They serve as an identifier to outsiders. Often graphic designers can use a combination of a logotype and a symbol. It takes a good designer to make this work. This is because a logo provides very little space. Therefore it has to be something that communicate a message while also being relatively simple to understand.

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Graphic Design

Suppose you want to announce or sell something, amuse or persuade someone, explain a complicated system ordemonstrate a process. In other words, you have a message you want to communicate. How do you “send” it? You could tell people one by one or broadcast by radio or loudspeaker.

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