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Responsive Websites Virginia Beach

Mobile device viewing are set to replace desktop viewing in the future. With this being said, that means that more and more sites should invest in responsive websites Virginia Beach and designs. Investing in a responsive website will help you accommodate your customers in a more effective way.  It will also allow your business to have an upper hand on the other businesses in your respective fields. Here at Imagine Media, we specialize in providing our customers with responsive websites Virginia Beach that are functional and  tailored to your company or business.

Responsive Websites Virginia Beach

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a site that has been created to be viewed on various devices with different screen sizes. The best responsive websites Virginia Beach are able to adapt to the device that they are being viewed on. This has to do with the coding which identifies the device and adapts accordingly. Some things that you would have to know are things like what is css.  On a well built responsive site, one website will be able to be provide the user with the same experience regardless of the device.

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What is the point of building a responsive website?

Although mobile sites are needed and  have their own purpose, responsive websites Virginia Beach still have a variety of purposes as well. Here are a brief list of the benefits of a responsive website.

1. Cost Effective

It is often thought  that creating a responsive website is expensive. That is not necessarily the case. A good responsive website, like the ones created here at Imagine Media, will be effective by saving your company time and money. Having one responsive website that can adapt to various devices, is less expensive than creating different sites for different devices. Also, most responsive websites Virginia Beach are created with intuitive coding. This means that they are compatible with new technology. This will prevent your company from spending vast amounts of money  on the cost of future development.

2. Low Maintenance

Here at Imagine Media, we understand how important it is to have web sites that work, and not just work, but work efficiently. Our responsive websites  Virginia Beach work well while also being easy to maintain. Instead having to maintain a multitude of sites, with a responsive site, you will only have on to look after. This will allow you more free time to put your energy towards other pressing matters of your business.

3. Consistent User Experience

One of the main benefits of a responsive website, its that it provides a constant user experience. This means, that no matter what device the user is viewing your site from, they will still experience all that your website has to offer. This can be beneficial to users of desktops, tablets and other mobile devices.

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Responsive Vs. Mobile Sites : Pros & Cons

Responsive Websites Virginia Beach : Pros & Cons

Making a website that is responsive means that  are a single website that fits on any screen that it is being viewed on. The way that this is achieved, is by adapting the design and navigation so that it is enjoyed in the same way that it is on by a desktop user.


– It is easier to control and change because it is only one site.

– You don’t have to create extra content for mobile devices. This is beneficial when it comes to SEO.

– Marketing is easier because you don’t need another specific marketing campaign for your mobile site.

– Having just one URL ensures that your users will find the site on tablets and other mobile devices. They will be able to do this without being redirected.

– One website is much less expensive than having more than one.


– Having a single website is easy for web developers but not necessarily the user. In order to combat this, you might need to put emphasis on different things to have them able to be viewed the sam across various platforms.

– Some browsers might not be able to load the site in a timely fashion.

– Even though the responsive will show virtually in the same way, viewing a site on a mobile device, will be a completely different experience from desktop users


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Mobile Sites : Pros & Cons

Mobile websites are made to be viewed on mobile devices. If you decide to build a mobile website, keep in mind, that it will probably be viewed on a small screen, with limited connection. The content must be fast accessible.


– Mobile website designs load easily and fast on all mobile devices. So you won’t have to worry about the speed of your site.

– The user will experience the same thing no matter the mobile device.

– Mobile optimized websites have a better chance to rank when it comes to local searches.

– It is accessible immediately when compared to mobile apps.


– having multiple URLs means that your customer will have to remember two URLS This will also have an affect on SEO.

– Two websites mean that you will have to maintain two websites instead of one.

– Mobile sites are not necessarily compatible on all devices. This is because there are various types of mobile devices that use keyboard navigation and touchscreen.


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