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Imagine Media truly cannot express the importance to have an online marketing Virginia Beach strategy with a site that content rich , relative and user friendly and is built with SEO in mind. But in marketing dominance is key period ! By this we mean to have a dual SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and a well put together PPC campaign strategy you can get impressions on search engines resulting in multiple pages more than once. Contact us here for a free estimate for building your PPC , or Pay Per Click Campaign.

A PPC Campaign , or Pay Per Click Campaign allows you a lot of power over a specialized online marketing Virginia Beach campaign(s) and the information that will be found by the users on your website . By having specific urls .coms specific pages for different keyword phrases and advertising, you direct where and what you want your potential users are going to see. PPC , or Pay Per Click Campaign also know as adwords or a  google campaign gives the campaign administrator the ability to do statistical reports known as a analytic. As we have talked about before , your analytic report is how you track and discovery the communication of meaningful patterns in data by knowing your analytic report and what is working and what is not working for you campaigns you can implement and narrow down on the adds and keyword or keyword phrases that work best for you and increase “ctr” or knows as click through rates and help you track better conversions for services and or sales. A PPC Campaign , or Pay Per Click Campaign marketing also allows you to have a the ability to control a multitude of different factors . such as your targeted location, time of day you want your adds to run, the geographical location like Virginia Beach Va  and maximum allowed budget per day you are willing to spend on your Online Marketing Virginia Beach budget. Whether this is for seasonal sales, days of the week, times of the day or general location you can alter your budget to suit your needs. Online Marketing Virginia Beach .The search landscape is evolving and Pay Per Click marketing is changing with it. More emphasis is now being placed on local and mobile searches, since smartphones are virtually everyone’s hands. PPC offers things like directly click-able phone numbers which are hugely important for local businesses targeted local traffic. When a search is entered now results can contain shopping pages, local searches, images, videos, reviews. As the information that is available in organic search improves, it is harder for Pay Per Click ads to stand out. Therefore is is vital to make your PPC campaigns count.Imagine  Media has all the information you need to know in this blog .


Online Marketing Virginia Beach



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Building a Online Targeted Campaign !

1. Use a  Keyword Tool or program like the one you will find in google  adwords to find the keywords or keyword phrases your users are actually searching for, and work toward meeting those queries !

2. Ask clients through social media like facebook, twitter or tumbler  about what things they really are asking  about your business or products and work harder to focus on those keywords or keyword phrases in your advertising campaigns .

3.Analyzing what keywords or keyword phrases your competitors are marketing for. Analyzing what keywords or keyword phrases your competitors are marketing for and the competition is very important to determining what campaigns are effective in your answers you have in the content available for the user asking them .

4.Use common synonyms in your paid ads. Search engines allows you to have a broad match (several words in a answer or search result) a exact match ( a exact match keywords or keyword phrase) or a phrase match ( like roses are to flowers) and do not forget   such things as your, you’re errors, switched or dropped letters and other typical misspelled errors so you do not  miss out on traffic to a add over something simple .

5.Using your Competitor names. Bi-laws read you may not use another companies name in your advertisement but you can use them as keywords or keyword phrases . You may receive a low rating or quality score for the advertisement from this, but if (Ctr) conversions are worth the effort.

6.Using multiple words or (keyword phrases) works best for (Ctr) conversions. You may get less traffic but you will get a better conversion rate, which is better for the service you offer and or the product you may sell.



Marketing is a crucial part of having a successful business. It is almost impossible for a business or company to be truly successful without marketing. The term marketing covers 4 basic areas: public relations, advertising, sales and promotions.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful tool that can benefit many businesses. In recent years, many have discredited email as a relevant marketing tool. In actuality, email marketing can still have  amazing benefits that lead to increased sales,  brand awareness and an increase in conversion amongst potential customers.

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Network Marketing 

Network marketing or multilevel marketing, is a marketing strategy that utilizes the sales that the marketer generates as well as the sales that the people they recruit generate. This style of marketing can create many revenue streams for marketers.

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Marketing Plan 

A successful business starts with successful marketing. And successful marketing starts with a successful marketing plan. A good marketing plan can be defined by how well it generates business. A truly excellent marketing plan is not just about the plan on paper.

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Marketing Strategies 

Creating effective marketing strategies are crucial for any business big or small. Without a solid marketing strategy, it will be quite difficult to attract lasting customers. The overall goal of your marketing strategy should be to create services and products that meet the ever changing needs of your customers.

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Digital Marketing

In today’s day and age, the digital landscape is inescapable. But some marketers do not believe in the digital age. Many of them do no feel that an online marketing strategy will benefit their business.

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