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Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach

Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach techniques can have an amazing effect on the overall success of a website. There are some lack of clarity when it comes to the question: what is search engine optimization? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is also known as natural search or organic search. The goal of SEO is to bring authority and relevance to your website.  Here at Imagine Media, we understand the importance of SEO for any website that strives for success.  We will make sure that we practice in the best SEO techniques that will produce the results that you are looking for. Click Here To Contact Imagine Media For a Free Consultation!

Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach


Three Building Blocks of SEO

There are three basic components of SEO. Those components are content, technology, and authority

1. Content

Relevant content is one of the most important components of good seo basics. Participating in content website optimization means, that you find keywords that users regularly search that are related to the service of your website. Once you have figured out what those keywords are, you then create content with those keywords in the content.  You can find the most searched keywords by doing what is called keyboard research or keyboard analysis. Keyboard analysis shows which keywords relate to which content. It is important to make sure that the keywords really are relevant to the content of your site. Your rankings will be significantly lower if the keywords you use, don’t match the content.Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach.

Once you have figured out what keywords to use, the next step is skillfully placing them in your content where it makes sense. It is important to find the balance between creative and informative content while  also containing the designated keywords.

In previous years, a SEO strategy that was widely used was SEO text. SEO text is content that was written specifically to give the keywords to the spiders. This strategy is now deemed ineffective. Search engines no longer value spider specific content. Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach. Search engines have now developed algorithms that are used specifically to find sites with spider specific content or sites that are filled with irrelevant content.


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2. Technology

It is important to know that if you want your site to have a chance to get ranked, then your website must be indexed.Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach. Indexing your site allows search engines to be able to crawl your site to see what contains, then basing the rankings of your site based on the content and other factors.

I previously mentioned that indexing your site ensures that it will allow the search engine to “crawl” your site. Well, what does crawling mean? Crawling, is a term that was coined by SEO professionals. Another term for crawling is spidering. Crawling, or spidering, is when the “spiders” search your site and memorize everything about it, the text, the code etc. The information that the spiders have collected are about how the pages are linked together. They then take that information and send it to the search engines. When they have reached the search engines, they index and process the information algorithmically.

When a site is not indexed properly, the spiders are not able to crawl the site and gather the content to send to the search engines. Some sites that use CSS, cookies and JavaScript, can “lock the door” to the spiders. Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach.Many times  owners of the website and marketers, don’t even realize that these things are blocking the way for the spiders. What practicing theses seo tips does is that it opens up those closed doors. This enables the content of your site able to be analyzed. This in turn leads higher rankings, traffic and sales.

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 3. Authority

When another site acknowledges your site by providing a link or mention, that adds to the credibility of your site. This means that your brand has a certain authority on whatever the topic of your content is. It also helps if the site that is mentioning or linking to your site is an authority on their chosen topic. Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach.

The way that search engine spiders calculate authority into how well a website ranks, is that they crawl the mentions and links of the different sites and then sends that information to be analyzed at the server farm. Since authority carries serious weight when it comes to page ranking, it benefits your seo news efforts to acquire a lot of mentions and links. Achieving this feat has become increasingly difficult in the last two to three years. This is because search engines have developed stronger algorithms. These stronger algorithms are used to detect false lengths as well as low quality articles, blog posts, directory listings and links.

The only true way to increase your authority on a long term basis, is through building your brand  by participating in useful business practices and content marketing When you practice these various techniques, they can not only benefit your SEO efforts, but they can also benefit your company and brand as a whole.Search Engine Optimization Virginia Beach.

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There is a no magical formula used to make your website an overnight success. A combination of techniques by an expert Virginia Beach SEO company are used to find the specific marketing tools that will popularize your website in the public eye.

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