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        Social media networking now accounts for 22% of all time spent online in the U.S.

  • A total of 234 million people age 13 and older in the U.S. used mobile devices in December 2012, and that number continues to grow.
  • Twitter processed more than one billion tweets in December 2012 and averages over 40 million tweets per day.Social Media Marketing Virginia Beach . 
  • Over 25% of U.S. internet page views occurred at one of the top social networking sites in December 2012, up from 13.8% a year before.
  • Australia has some of the highest social media usage in the world. In usage of Facebook Australia ranks highest, with over 9 million users spending almost 9 hours per month on the site.
  • The number of social media users age 65 and older grew 100 percent throughout 2010, so that one in four people in that age group are now part of a social networking site.
  • As of June 2013 Facebook has 1.1 Billion users.
  • Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
  • iPod application downloads hit in 1 billion 9 months.
  • If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest.
  • U.S. Department of Education study revealed that online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction.
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.
  • Every four minutes and 26 seconds 100+ hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Social Media Marketing Virginia Beach


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You and your business can not afford to ignore the massive reach and influence of social media in your marketing efforts. Billions of people across the world are involved in social media literally every second of every day and you can be reaching many more of them if you leverage your social media presence. Social Media Marketing Virginia Beach.

Social Networking Sites

Social media has become a big part of marketing campaigns for businesses and companies all over the world.  One of the main reasons why social networking sites have become so effective when it comes to marketing is because it provides an interactive space between businesses and consumers.

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Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy when it comes to marketing can have a good effect on any business big or small.  A good social media strategy can decide whether a company is successful or not.

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Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is often a term that is misunderstood. Viral marketing is basically a strategy that encourages people to to spread the marketing message of their business to other people.

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Social Media Manager

A social media manager  can basically drive the social media marketing strategy in a good or bad direction. Social media managers drive the marketing strategy of businesses and companies alike.

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Social Media Analytics

Social Media has become a major marketing forced in recent years. When used correctly, they can be used to to help grow your business to amazing heights. But in order for this to be the case, there is one thing that is needed, and that is social media analytics.

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