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A social media manager Virginia Beach  can basically drive the social media marketing strategy in a good or bad direction. Social media managers drive the marketing strategy of businesses and companies alike.  The social media manager’s role is to generate interest in your companies products and services. Here at Imagine Media, we understand how important a social media manager Virginia Beach is to the success of a social media marketing campaign.

What creates a successful social media manager?

1. Understanding of Current News

Social networking sites are a place where there are thousands of different conversations going on at the same time. One of the main duties of a social media manager  Virginia Beach is to be right in the middle of those conversations.  Social media managers must know what people are saying. This is important because social media networks are a constantly changing media. The social media manager’s role is to always stay on top of those changing conversations. They also act as an extension of the pr team. PR teams  basically are the connecting force between the media, which includes journalists and reporters, and your company. A good social media manager Virginia Beach finds new opportunities for your business to stay in the middle of whats going on.

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2. Content

When it comes to any social marketing venture, content is the key component. If your site doesn’t have any content it is almost impossible for it to gain any long term visitors or consumers for your business. This also apply’s to social media advertising. People are attracted to a social media page that is regularly updated aa well as a page that has a lot of content. One role of a social media manager Virginia Beach is to create content for specific social network sites for various businesses. Examples of this would be creating content that is 140 characters or less for twitter, creating images for instagram or creating variations of this content for other social networking sites.

Creating and adapting content for various social networking can lead to many positive outcomes for your company. Some examples of those positive outcomes are more leads and clicks on your site, more traffic as well as an increase ins sales. Studies show that tweets that provide a link or a linked image to the desired content, leads to 50% more leads when compared to a tweet without a link. New and interesting content is critical to the overall success of a business when it comes to social media marketing.

3. Analyze Data

In today’s ever-changing market, marketing has become more data driven than in the past. This means that there is an abundance of data that can be used as useful marketing tools. The social media managers role is to go through the data, analyze it and then use it to draw useful insights from that information. Some of that information could lead to an increase in leads from macro as well as micro data. A successful social media manager Virginia Beach is able ton constantly test strategies, create content as well as analyze data. All of these things will improve marketing efforts.

Taking the time to sift through data and analyze data can help your social media strategy become much more effective. Designing a test putting that test to work and then measuring can have a very powerful effect on your business or company.

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4. Customer Service

The person who is responsible for running a businesses social media campaign, means that they are the voice of that company. This means that all of the response that comes from the consumer, will be directed towards that person. This can be either good or bad. It can be good if the person running the site (social media manager) is good. But it can be very bad if the social manager is not a good one.

Customer service is basically how the person in charge of social media sites, responds to the customers. If the social media manager’s response is rude or non-caring then that will show in your results, Social media is a public forum. This means that it is an excellent opportunity for your business to show that they really care about their customer.

5.  The Facilitator

One big part of a social media manager is to help control the conflict that might arise amongst users. A facilitator’s duties include asking questions of the communities, seeding discussions and answering questions. Social media managers have to know how to facilitate the community and control things so that they don’t get out of control.

6. Funnel Marketing

Social media tools can be used to reach millions of people, attract visitors, turn leads into customers as well as help generate content. This means that a social media manager needs to be able to create the content, share it and then use it to reach the pre-determined goals.

They need to have the ability to share the content and reach the visitors of your social media site. A social media manager job description is that they need to be able to us a lead as a tool to gather more users. There are various ways to do this. A few of those ways are by engaging your users and providing them with useful information.


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Social Media Marketing

Social media networking now accounts for 22% of all time spent online in the U.S.

  • A total of 234 million people age 13 and older in the U.S. used mobile devices in December 2012, and that number continues to grow.
  • Twitter processed more than one billion tweets in December 2012 and averages over 40 million tweets per day.
  • Over 25% of U.S. internet page views occurred at one of the top social networking sites in December 2012, up from 13.8% a year before.

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