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Domain Names Virginia Beach

 When choosing a domain name for your site, you have to take in consideration a few notes:

  • Is it simple?
  • Is it short?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it make sense for your brand?
  • Is it marketable?

Domain Names Virginia Beach

Once you have figured out through this checklist that your domain name idea is passed properly, then you should figure out the type of website you want. What should the color style be? What is the purpose of the site? What domain extension should I use?

Most companies will use a .com, .net and/or .org domain. What is the premise of each?

  • A .com site is for the company, the commercial entity
  • A .net site is for the network, a small group, and community
  • A .org site is for the organization or non-profit
  • A .co site is a new type of site, very short and memorable domain extension
  • A .us is for US affiliated entities, or US based, as with any other country code domain extension
  • A .biz and .info are international domain extensions for worldwide usage, although others are as well, these are specific to international usage


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9 Things to Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

When deciding on a domain name, there are many important things to consider. The following is a comprehensive list of these things that can aid in choosing a domain name for your business or companies website.

1. Prior Research

It is important before you choose a domain name, to make sure that it is not already in use by someone else. If another company is using or has already copyrighted your domain name, that could lead to legal troubles as well as other things that can cost you a lot of money.

2. Memorable

For your domain name, it is important that it is something that is memorable. There are millions of domain names Virginia Beach  that are registered. That means, in order to have a name that stands out and to be memorable, it must be unique. Once you have came up  a name, tell that name to others and get there opinion on it.

3. Correct Domain Name Extension

Each name extension has a specific use. Be sure when choosing to register a domain name extension, that you are using  the one that will best fit your business’s needs. Here are a few of the most popular name extensions.

– .com, .co, .me, .biz, .org, .net, info

4. Avoid Numbers

Numbers in domain names Virginia Beach are mostly avoided. This is because it can be very confusing to people. People don’t know whether to use the literal numeric value or spell the number out. In order to avoid this, it is best just to use words.

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5. Build and Protect your Brand

When purchasing web domain extensions, it would be a good idea to purchase more than one. Another idea would be to purchase domain register names that are close to your main domain name or domain names Virginia Beach that are misspelled versions of your domain name. This will prevent others from purchasing domain names Virginia Beach close to yours and registering them in order to take away from your business.

6. Act Quickly

Domain registry names are very inexpensive. Since that is the case, domain names Virginia Beach sell very quickly. That means that once you figure out what domain name you want, act quickly to register it. If you can no longer find your desired domain name, then you can go to a domain name generator, that will suggest other alternate names that you can use.

7. Keep it Short

A long domain name availability is complex and difficult for people to comprehend. Also, a long domain name can easily be mistyped or misspelled. In order to prevent this, it is best to keep you domain name short and simple.

 8. Keyword Use

Including keywords in your domain name can can help describe the services that your business offers. By including keywords of your business, it will also help improve the rank of your company on search engines.

9. Simple

Choosing a domain name that is simple and easy to type, is very important if you want to have a successful website. Shortening the spelling of a known word could be confusing for customers. So it is best to just spell the words straight forward.


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